My Trim Healthy Mama Testimony.

Brfore and afterI’m so surprised at what THM done for me! I lost 39 pounds and I just can’t believe it. This new healthy way of eating is amazing. Not only is my body TRANSFORMING but health wise I feel like a new person.  Before Trim Healthy Mama, I was diagnosed with PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) where there were feelings of anxiety and moodiness that should have never been present in my life. I have a wonderful family and I’m surrounded by dear friends but those feelings were affecting me even more.  As a Christian believer I was struggling with why I felt that way and I kept praying that God would show me the way to a better me. My doctor suggested that I either take more medication or look for better nutrition to improve my health.  I would start eating more salads and exercise 4 times a week and then by the end of the month I was so tired and defeated only to have lost a couple of pounds. Feelings of hopelessness made me want to eat more and more until I couldn’t wear the most recent pair of size 14 jeans (the largest size that I’ve ever bought). So one Saturday morning I read THM Facebook fan page and noticed there were support groups, and I think I read for more than hour testimony after testimony of ladies that were losing weight and gaining their lives back. So I decided to start immediately.

After the first week of Trim Healthy Mama plan, I weighed in and lost 3 pounds.  Wow! Three pounds was huge for me and such a great inspiration. So I bought the Trim Healthy Mama book, READ it and STUDIED it. Then I decided to keep going and keep going and I kept seeing the weight coming off.  I noticed after two months that I had lost 17 pounds and my PMDD symptoms were disappearing. I realized that I was more patient at little annoyances which didn’t bother me anymore. I started handling stress with more grace. It is amazing that wholesome healthy food can change all of that. After a few more months I noticed that my shoes were slightly too big for me and I was using them as flip flops. I started going out shopping for smaller clothes and I realized that I could start wearing all the “I wish I can wear that again” clothes in my closet.

Excitement and amazement still continues today as I lost 31 pounds in only 6 ½ months on THM. On my first year, I reached goal weight losing a total of 39 pounds… soon after we were blessed to expect our 3rd child. I had the most healthier pregnancy at my older age than I did 15 years with my other pregnancies. I’m blessed to report that after 2 years post baby I am reaching my goal weight again only by a few pounds. I expect to eat like this for the rest of my life. This is definitely not a “diet”. It’s a much better way of eating healthy.  I thank God my Father for helping me with this issue and steering me to Trim Health Mama. I have also found new godly friends through the Trim Healthy Mama group.



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