Chicken Trim Nuggets, FP

Or Trim Turkey patties, FP

Chicken Trim Nuggets

1 lb ground Chicken breast.
1/2 cup of baking blend.
1 tbsp of parmesan cheese (green can) or 2 TBS of nutritional yeast.
Mrs dash garlic herb spices, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder to taste.
1/4 cup of skim mozarella cheese (see notes below)
1/4 cup of egg whites.

These are like chicken nuggets. Remember you already adding fat to these nuggets with the mozarella cheese so keep that in mind when you add veggies or dip sauce. You could use a Buffalo sauce or sugar free ketchup to keep it an FP.

Mix all in a bowl and bake at 375 for 15-18 minutes. Just watch them. You can broil on top to get the crispy color.

Edited to say, took my friend Carrie Rosati’s idea to form them like a nugget and broil on top for the last 2 minutes.

3/2021 you can also make them into turkey burgers. You can omit mozarella cheese and just increase the Parmesan cheese to 1/4 cup.

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