How do I know a papaya is ripe?

“You know if you have ripe papaya if it has skin that is turning from green to yellow. If papaya is ripe, you should be able to press your thumb into the flesh. Papayas will ripen more quickly when put in a paper bag with ethylene-producing fruits, such as apples or bananas.” -Google

Photo credited to Brooks Tropical.

The brighter orange color inside the sweeter it is. If you purchase a green papaya this week you might want to wait till a few days to ripen, be PATIENT mamas… I know it’s hard to wait.

If you get too inpatient and it’s not sweet enough, Pearl and Serene suggested adding lemon juice. When I was growing up in Mexico my mom used to add honey and granola with a side of vanilla yogurt or just lime juice which it was my favorite. You could add gentle sweet and greek yogurt with crunchy granola on top, E (p.361 Trim Healthy Table cookbook).

WARNING: I was told papaya can be dangerous to people with a latex allergy. Please be careful.

Coach Magaly

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