Client Testimony: Katie McReynolds

Katie lost a total of 4.8 lbs and 8.25 inches while on my 6 week program.

I have been so blessed to have an overcomer mama in my last group. We have definitely work hard, but Katie has been a trooper and enthusiastic to continue with her journey of healing. It can be done! She lost a total 4.8 lbs and 8.25 inches in my 6 week program.

“Thanks!! I’m so encouraged. And I’m feeling so much better- that is my biggest NSV. But I will say this is the first time in my THM journey it hasn’t been easy. It’s not cheese and nuts and meat and fruit and brown rice. I’m working to change the way I build my meals. The way I choose my fuels. Making nonstarchies a priority. Focusing on FPs instead of cream cheese. BUT THE WORK IS WORTH IT. And my body is telling me so. Thank you for guiding me through this, Magaly. You were meant to be an Overcoming Coach.
Man. THAT sounds like a coach testimonial if I’ve ever heard one!! Ha! But seriously- you’re wonderful. You’re teaching me SO MUCH.”

“I CAN NOT REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I TOOK A NAP. (No, not a Sunday Nap ‘cause those belong to The Lord and they don’t count.) Bless.

I’m talking about a Hypothyroid Involuntarily Falling Asleep On The Couch At 2:49pm kinda nap. I used to take one every day.

My hair is coming back. I’ve got flyaways around my face that make me look like Albert Einstein when my hair is pulled back. It’s very glamorous.

The scale has dropped. And I mean DROPPED. Between the end of October on the left and the end of February (4 months) on the right, I’ve lost 17 pounds. I haven’t seen losses like this ever. 

I’m 5’1” and have been in this Overcoming Season for over a year. I was creeping just pounds away from 150 at one point. THE STALL STRUGGLE WAS REAL, y’all.

But THM is healing my body. (Prayer doesn’t hurt, either. ::wink::)

I’m walking into that restoration and I am crushed with gratitude for this lifestyle. I was a THM before my diagnosis- and while I credit my D.O. for catching my thyroid disease and prescribing medication that has been vital for my body- I give THM the praise for the foundation it’s given me to heal. I can not imagine what it would have been like to attempt to heal having Hypothyroidism while eating the Standard American Diet. I would’ve been like trying to get petunias to grow in coffee grounds. IT JUST WON’T WORK. Bless.

A few things I’ve learned through the poddy, and the plan books, and coaches pages and THESE AMAZING GROUPS:

I don’t need cheese at every meal. Or nuts. Or even dairy. Heavy S meals/snacks ESPECIALLY AFTER SUPPER are hard on my metabolism.

I need E fuels. LIKE REQUIRE THEM. They are healing. Your adrenals need healthy carbohydrates to thrive. I aim for 10-14 E meals/snacks a week. Go to this weeks poddy- listen- and then RUN TO THE WALMART for a mango. You’re welcome.

I put nonstarchies on my plate at almost every meal. Even breakfast. Zucchini and eggs/egg whites are BFFs. Throw some chili garlic sauce on top and it’s the greatest breakfast bowl you’ll ever eat. An egg white zucchini and sweet potato scramble might be my current favorite.

Exercise. Even when you feel like laying on the floor and quitting. Roll over, secure your core and do some leg kicks- it’s better than staying on your couch wrapped in a blanket watching PBS Kids for 47 straight minutes. MOVE SOMETHING every day. Even if you’re so tired all you can do is roll your trash cans to the road. I use the THM WorkIns and sometimes it could take me two days to stop and start and RESTART the intervals. I wasn’t crushing the workouts or even breaking a sweat- but I was in motion. Slow motion FOR SURE, but motion nonetheless. Bless.

At night- I am a resident of FP City USA. I whip up a hot tea, or healing hot chocolate (THT pg 467) or some glycine glory pudding (THM cookbook pg 348). My metabolism needs lighter fuels after supper and these are yummy ways for me to scratch that Dessert/Treat itch.

I SAY ALL OF THAT TO SAY THIS: Hope is not lost, Mamas. Healing is possible. It’s not immediate, and it’s not easy- BUT IT IS OUT THERE. So don’t give up if you’re in a Stuck Place. I dug in my heels and stubbornly fought my way to finding it AND YOU CAN TOO.” – Katie MacReynolds

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