Baobab on Defense

Are you building your Immune System now with all the sickness going around? I was sick recently and I was coughing my head off. I was able to recover much quicker because of Baobab Boost powder. I had 1 quart jar of boost juice every day to sip during the mornings. I added a few earth-aritas (with baobab) to some of my low veggie lunches. At night time I sipped on hot toddy (link below) I just add baobab for the citrusy flavor.

Recipe for earth-arita here,

Check out this very informative post from my friend Admin Robin Farmer. She gathered all recipes using Baobab Boost Powder. Enjoy….

“Hi ladies! Are you looking to find new ways to get in your Baobab Boost? Just take a listen to this weeks poddy to hear different ways to get in your vitamin C. Here is the link.” – Robin Farmer-Admin 🦋

Post # 85 Your Crucial Need For Vitamin C- Here’s how you get it!

From the Trim Healthy Table, I tried to list all the recipes that included the Baobab Boost, for your convenience. 🦋

Page 145- Super Salmon Easy Bake (S)
Page 173- better than Pearl’s Brock and cheese (S)
Page 175- Peanut satay Trimmy bisque (S)
Page 178- Vibey cream of cilantro trimmy bisque (S)
Page 183- Cheesy no cheese Trimmy bisque (FP)
Page 186- Thai lullaby Trimmy bisque (S)
Page 188- Sopa de quinoa Trimmy bisque (E)
Page 288- Make the Jam Gravy (for scones on Page 287)
Page 305- cherries on top chicken salad (E)
Page 354- big bowl cinnamon oatmeal (E)
Page 368- Lemon poppy boost muffins (S)
Lemon Boost Glosting
Page 407- no moo cheesecake (S)
Page 418- Singing canary truffles (S)
Page 419- Singing canary gummies (FP)
Page 420- good girl moonshine gummies (FP)
Page 427- happy bites (S)
Page 431- Chocolate berry boost bars (S)
Page 432- ultimate e bars (E)
Page 440- no moo cream cheese bites (S)
Page 446- Singing canary pops (FP) with an S option
Page 452- hello health sipper (FP)
Page 470- cheesecake shake down (FP)
Page 475- Triple-berry power shake (S)
Page 488- bloat be gone smoothie (FP)
Page 490- cobbler calmer shake (E)
Page 492- strawberry quickie keifer smoothie (E, FP or S)
Page 494-Mexican papaya sister smoothie (E)
Page 498- yuck yum bitty base
Page 499- coconut yuck yum bitty (S)
Page 523- cottage citrus dip (FP with E option)
Page 524- karate chop kale pesto (S)
Page 527- honey-mustard Trimmy dressing (S)
Page 529- Caesar Trimmy dressing (S)
Page 530- tahini Trimmy dressing (S)
Page 531- Italian Trimmy dressing (FP)
Page 532- Greek Trimmy dressing (S)
Page 533- Crazy kombucha Trimmy dressing (FP)

Links to recipes that include Baobab Boost Powder.

Bao Bomb Bars:

Boost bites

Boost juice

Baobab Frozen Boosted Lemonade

Baobab Gummies

Blow Your Mind Frozen Berryade

What the Heck Cookies

Cold & Cough Toddy

Poddy # 85 Your Crucial Need For Vitamin C- Here’s how you get it!

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  1. JoAnne Stanley says:

    thank you for this list. I own Baobab now and am loving it!


    1. From Caterpillar to Butterfly says:

      That’s awesome. I’m glad is useful.


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