Magaly’s Tummy Soother Soup, FP


1 large zuchini, diced
1 small or 1/2 of medium yellow squash, diced
3/4 cup of frozen okra
2 scoops of collagen
1-2 tbsp of Trim bouillon or chicken bouillon, to taste
32 oz container of chicken broth


Boil the vegetables (except the frozen okra) in half of the chicken broth container or use 2 cups of water in a pot until soft. Once vegetables are soft set on the side. With a ladle carefully add cooked veggies on a blender, bouillon, and collagen to blend until all veggies are smooth and creamy. Use the remaining broth in the mixer if you like, however I just let the broth in the hot pot when I add back the veggie mixture to it.  Add the soup back to the pot and simmer on medium low for at least 5 to 10 min. You will have a creamy and thick soup. Add the rest of the broth to thin it out.

This FP soup was my discovered by accident, I needed something easy to digest and easy on my stomach.  It has helped me this past week. If you have any GI upper or lower issues this will definitely soothe your insides.

To make it an E, I have added bite size of cooked golden potatoes. 1 tsp of mct oil in my bowl or you can also add brown rice but you can also add to the blender but once you add it it will be an E and can’t change the fuel to an S.

To make an S, add your fat of your choice. In my case, since I need something bland to don’t upset my stomach I added 1 to 2 tsp of melted butter. You can pick light sour cream for a light S version of the soup.

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