What my friends are saying about the last coaching groups I had…

Client review: from Amy S.

“I have been on THM for 7 years and had lost 30 lbs initially but then life happened and lbs began to creep back. Over the years I regained 10 lbs. No matter how I tried I could not lose that 10lbs I put back on. That is until I joined Coach Magaly. I have joined 2 of Magaly’s challenge groups and learned so many great lessons about fuel juggling that I finally lost that stubborn weight. In fact, over both of the challenges I have lost 11.2 lbs. Coach Magaly was really AMAZING!!

She is knowledgeable, supportive and has a great Mexican stubborn losers menu that was terrific. I loved the groups and the sense of community. No matter how large or small the group, Magaly makes you feel so special like you are her only client. I would highly recommend Coach Magaly for anyone that needs someone to come along side them on their THM journey, you won’t regret it. I know that I am forever changed from my experience. Thank you Coach Magaly and of course our other encourager, Robin Morgan Farmer! 🦋”

Here’s another review from Rebecca P.

“If you have the opportunity to be in a group coached by Magaly Weaver, don’t hesitate to join! Whether you are fairly new or if you are a veteran, you will learn so many things that will help you on your journey. I have been a THM for over 5 years, and I was never able to really feel successful for more than a few weeks. With Magaly’s coaching, I really feel this can be sustainable for the long term. With her gentle encouragement and support I have already achieved more success than I did on my own. She is so knowledgeable on her own, but she also gives us the benefit of the wisdom and experience of many of her coaching friends. She makes each of the challenges so much fun and leads us step by step through what we need to do to be successful. She gives personal attention several times a day to each member of the group. I don’t think she ever sleeps! If you allow Magaly to be your coach, you will be blessed more than you can imagine. Thank you, Magaly, for your ability to share your knowledge and experience, your attention to detail, your knowledge of us as individuals and for making this whole journey so much fun!”

Here are more, if you need more convincing to join me next time.

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