Better Than Brown Sugar, FP

Better Than Brown Sugar by Esther Smith

This recipe is courtesy from Official Admin, Esther Smith. Thanks to her I can offer it to you here for the first time. This recipe is also in the THM membership site. I also add 1 tsp of caramel.


1 cup THM Erythritol  (or THM Xylitol)

1 doonk THM stevia

1/2 tsp blackstrap molasses

1 doonk maple extract

Servings:Multiple Serve Recipe


Combine the THM Erythritol and the THM Pure Stevia Extract Powder in a bowl.

Next add the black strap molasses and the maple extract to the bowl.

Using a fork stir the mixture together until the black strap molasses and the maple extract have been distributed throughout all of the granules of the sweetener for a few minutes.

By this time the sweetener should look like brown sugar.

Store the “Better Than Brown Sugar” in a glass canning jar or other airtight container of your choice and store like you would any other baking product

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