How to cook a plantain?

It’s all in the way you want to fuel your body. As a Trim Healthy Mama I choose to cook and keep as an E fuel. It’s all about the peel the darker the peel the sweeter and softer will be.

Please watch the video with recommendations on what type of plantain to pick and how to cook it.

You can accompany with egg whites, or black beans. You can still have about 5 grams of fat so you could still use a little but of avocado or queso fresco. However, watch the amounts because you can easily crossover if you’re not counting other fat sources used whether on eggs or beans.

Another way to eat them is slicing them and frying with coconut oil, top with cream and queso. Now that I choose not to over indulge in too much dairy I would have in special occasions only.

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