Green-go Sauce aka Salsa verde, FP

Green-go Sauce – its my basic Salsa Verde for multiple exclusive coaching recipes.

16 medium Green tomatillos, cut in halves
1 medium sweet onion, cut
1 Serrano pepper (HOT) or 2 jalapenos pepper, seeded.
3 garlic gloves, seeded
2 cups of fat free Chicken broth or water
2.5 tbsps. of Magaly’s seasoning mix
Salt and pepper to taste
Cilantro, optional (either you love it or you don’t, add until the spirits of your ancestors tells you to stop)
Yields approx. 4 cups of green-go sauce.

Instructions on the stove:

  • Cut all vegetables except cilantro, roast in a skillet with 1 tsp of coconut oil or evoo spray till brownish. Add water or chicken broth let it cook down a bit till the tomatillos are soft. NOTE: turn on the stove fan, it will start to smoke.
  • In the blender add the cooked veggies with broth, cilantro, and Magaly’s seasoning mix. Blend well not lo leave any chunks of veggies.
  • Back on the skillet, spray with coconut oil and add the green-go sauce mixture and let it simmer uncovered for approximately 15 minutes on medium low heat. Finish seasoning with salt and pepper to your liking adjusting the flavors if you like for more heat by adding cayenne pepper or add in a whole serrano pepper for extra heat.

  • Protein: This is a magical green sauce. You can use any kind of protein here. My prefer choices, chicken, shrimp, pork roast, beef roast, or even pork rinds. Choose a Fuel Pull option to better dress this sauce in multiple options of foods. If you like to use chicken breast or shrimp the best cooking method would be grilling it to keep it low fat. If you decided to use the fatty meats, go for slow cooking crock-pot options by carefully removing fat from meat, remember you’re stubborn loser and don’t need loads of fats.
    FP Vegetables: nopalitos, green beans, zucchini, chayote, yellow squash.
    E choices: Yukon potatoes, brown rice, corn tortillas, whole black beans, or frijolitos.
    DTS option: you can buy salsa verde at store or make my Green-go Sauce which I rather do that and save it so I can make different meals out of it. Watch how I make the Green-go Sauce aka Salsa Verde here,

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