Chapsuy My Way, FP-E-S

1/2 of finely slice cabbage head
1 thinly slice chayote squash
1/4 thinly slice sweet onion
3 thinly sliced carrots
2 thinly slice organic celery
A few cilantro leaves
2 tsp of butter (keep FP, more if using as a S version)
2 tbsp of Magaly’s seasoning mix
2 tsp of paprika powder
2 tbsp of Braggs liquid aminos
1-2 tsp of Super Sweet sweetener
1 cup of fat free chicken broth
Salt and pepper to taste
1 cup of chicken pollito (if using protein) find recipe here
***It makes 3 large serving bowls. You can double this recipe by adjusting the ingredients.

1. Sliced all veggies kind of like julienne style but smaller bite size.
2. Put all ingredients in a medium size pot with lid on. Adjust season to your liking and cover and cook on medium till all veggies are tender. You can substitute chayote for zuchini or yellow squash.
3. Add pollito (shredded chicken) at the end of cooking. If you’re using a different protein, the best options would be shrimp.
4. Serve in a bowl with topping mentioned below.

I finally got it just right. This recipe is featured at my favorite restaurant in town called Mami Monchita’s. The key ingredients are liquid aminos Super Sweet sweetener, and of course a special veggie called chayote squash. Did you know chayote have so many powerful health benefits? See here,

For that reason, I’ve been incorporating chayote in lots of my new recipes.
Chapsuy My Way can be made as a fuel pull version so that you can dress it up with different fuels. Add more butter for a delish S and using much less of carrots when adding it to your bowl.

I believe the best way to have this dish is accompanied with brown rice or cooked ripe plantain. See picture,

With cooked plantain or use brown rice for a delicious E meal.

You can add hot salsa, chili garlic sauce or guacamole sauce top it with chopped cilantro, now you can enjoy it,


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