(Stuffed tortillas with black bean sauce) E or XO options

Pronunciation: eN-free-ho-lot-us

I’m sharing my quickest version of Enfrijoladas, a Veracruz dish I grew up with. Thankful for Trim Healthy Mama for giving me the tools to better fuel my body. Hence, I didn’t have to change my identity I just made THM fit my own style. I converted this recipe to an E to keep me trimming down but I can also add other delicious fats to create a crossover for my family.  I hope your family loves this dish as much as my family does. 

It makes a small portion but you can double or triple the ingredients to fit your family’s needs.

2 cans of black beans.
1/2 or 1/3 of a cup of chicken broth or water.
10 corn tortillas (E-warmed in a microwave) (XO- sauteed in extra virgin olive oil).
Chicken bouillon or Magaly’s seasoning mix to taste
Pollito, FP (shredded Chicken)

1/2 oz of queso fresco (1 oz is 6 grams fat so only use a sprinkle if you want to stay in E mode)
A dollop of light sour cream or use Greek yogurt.
Any pico or homemade salsas (see below for links)

How to assemble the enfrijoladas:

1. First, blend the black beans with bullion or broth and set aside. In a pot,  pour the bean soup and simmer till hot. (Watch video for right bean soup consistency).
2. Set up your station. In a bowl have your warmed tortillas ready. I warm my tortillas for 25 to 30 seconds, I only use 3 tortillas at a time. Then get your pollito ready. My bean soup pot in the middle (watch video) and then assemble.
3. Dip in one tortilla at the time and set on your plate, then I use my hands as it is better to assemble. Stuff it with pollito, fold it and pour some bean soup on top.
4. Top with your toppings to keep it an E version or go all out and add avocados, extra cheese, and more table cream (I used Media Crema).

Find Pollito here, https://from-caterpillar-to-butterfly.com/2020/04/18/pollito-fp/

Find Pico here, https://from-caterpillar-to-butterfly.com/2021/04/28/magalys-pico-fp-e/

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