Sopa de Papa (potato soup) E

For tomato sauce:
4 Roma tomatoes
1/4 of a small sweet onion
1/2 cup of water
Put ingredients in blender and blend well. Pour the tomatoes sauce and cook down and simmer sauce on medium low on stove. Salt and pepper to taste.

4 medium size golden potatoes, diced
3 cooked and shredded chicken tender.
2 bay leave or epazote leaves.
4 cups of water or fat free chicken broth
2-4 tbsp of Magaly’s seasoning or chicken bouillon (depends on taste, don’t use too much if you buy a bouillon because it’s much saltier)

It makes about 3 to 4 serving bowls.

On a medium pot, add homemade tomato sauce OR buy a can of tomato sauce (but the homemade is much better, taste wise), sliced or diced golden potatoes, shredded chicken, water or broth, bay or epazote leaves, and bouillon to taste. Cover it up and let the potatoes cook for about 20 min or until soft.

This soup is obviously an E, however my mom used to serve with diced up of queso fresco and sliced avocados for a delicious crossover. Best memories ever! On the picture, I had leftover carrots and mushrooms so I added to my soup but it’s not really necessary here. I have a similar soup that is called, sopa de verduras. Same process just all the veggies are in.

Magaly’s seasoning,

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